GCC’s objective is to continue strengthening its leadership in the markets in which it operates by enhancing its value proposition for its customers, growing its business in a sustainable way, investing in its people and ultimately maximizing shareholder value by implementing its business strategy, which consists of:

  • Strengthen profitability
  • Offer customers exceptional technical and logistics services
  • Broaden product offering through innovative solutions
  • Foster sustainable development
  • Expand operations and footprint through disciplined capital allocation
  • Develop human capital and invest in local communities

Strategic purposes

Customer Service

GCC is committed with the ongoing improvement of the quality of its products and services; with the goal of being a strategic partner to its customers. To achieve this, GCC has built an integrated distribution network to ensure it can efficiently serve its markets.

GCC’s leadership is also focused on improving its products and processes to exceed customer expectations. Each of its teams is committed to producing, distributing and selling products and solutions of the highest quality, surpassing industry standards.

GCC also provides technical services with innovative solutions that enhance its value proposition.

Sustainable Growth

To increase its value and ensure continuous growth, GCC focuses on three pillars:

GCC aims to maximize its shareholders’ value, increase return on investment, reduce capital costs and strengthen and expand its geographic footprint.
GCC is researching, developing and implementing initiatives to mitigate the impact on the environment. The Company is working to develop (i) better-performing cement, which in addition allows it to reduce the Clinker/cement factor, (ii) manufacture thermal products and (iii) increase the use of alternative fuels and raw materials.
Community and Employees:
Through the GCC Foundation, GCC engages with the communities where it operates. In addition, we are working to improve the safety, health and well-being of our employees and suppliers.
Community and Employees

The Company is implementing “GCC People Model”, which aims to transform the role of Human Resources by turning it into one of the company’s strategic partners. GCC People Model includes the following objectives:

  • Remain a Great Place to Work®
  • Ensure that it has the right talent in the right roles; aiming to attract and retain the best employees in the industry
  • Provide professional development opportunities through GCC University and mobile programs available throughout the organization
  • Standardize human resources and corporate communication processes

To innovate, GCC must develop products, processes and services that are new or different, that add value to its customers, increase its sales, improve its competitive advantages and increase its profitability. GCC works with innovation teams and the Research and Development area focusing on solving specific challenges with new methodologies and tools to address ever-changing customer challenges.