"Everyone at GCC aims for its transcendence by maintaining the essential balance between the economic, social and environmental objectives. Through hard work and dedication, we will continue developing practices that allow us to enhance sustainability in every process".

Enrique Escalante, CEO



Fatalities across the countries in which we operate during 2019


Best company to work for in Mexico (Great Place to Work®)


Consecutive year being recognized as a Socially Responsible Company

Associations and recognition

Our progress

  1. Creation of GCC Foundation, an initiative aimed at contributing to the integral development of the state of Chihuahua and the communities where we operate, through specific actions and programs.

  2. GCC became a member of the Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI) launched by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

  3. GCC’s Pueblo Plant starts using tire-derived fuel.

  4. GCC formalized the sustainability department and created the Sustainability Committee to include the sustainability approach in decision-making processes.

    GCC Foundation created the program “Building a Sustainable Chihuahua” to invest in projects that resolve many social and environmental challenges by financing sustainable development projects.

  5. GCC reduced emissions by 7% as a result of the 11% increase in the use of alternative fuels and the increase in the production of composite cements.

    GCC completed stage 1 of the implementation of FROEE Chihuahua (Organic Residual Fraction of Energy Efficiency), an engineered fuel made from non-hazardous plastics, wood and fabric.

  6. GCC achieved a 7.6% reduction in CO2 per ton of cement by using alternative fuels in the Mexico and Pueblo plants.

    GCC completed stage 2 of the implementation of FROEE Chihuahua (Organic Residual Fraction of Energy Efficiency) allowing that weighing and dosing systems deliver material to a new burner designed to use alternative fuels.

    Two of GCC’s plants received the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ENERGY STAR certification for superior energy performance, being the only manufacturing facility in their state to receive the prestigious award.

    GCC joined the Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA).

    GCC expanded the Pueblo plant’s alternative fuels capacity beyond tire-derived fuel allowing a flexible variety of traditional scrap materials as alternative fuels.

Sustainability Reports

Our commitment

GCC is deliberate in our unwavering commitment to implement global best practices throughout the organization to support the sustainability of the global environment while further strengthening the Company’s overall profitability. We seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency, by using alternative fuels and blended cements, and by adopting new carbon capture technology. We foster a safe and productive work environment for employees and offer them professional development opportunities to maintain a healthy, educated and happy workforce.

Our aims

Reduce net CO2 emissions by 9% by 2020 and by 31% by 2030

Increase the use of alternative fuels and renewable energy

Be an early adopter of carbon capture and sequestration

Lower the clinker factor of our cement plants

Improve the energy efficiency of our cement plants

Maintain zero fatalities across the countries in which we operate


The Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) is an organization of 30-member companies that represent 35% of global cement production. Membership is expected to grow to at least 50% of the global cement production capacity in the next few years. All full members must comply with GCCA Sustainability Charter.

In late 2018, GCC’s executive leadership committed to developing new objectives and targets based on the pillars of climate & energy, circular economy, health & safety, environment & nature and social responsibility. Our sustainability strategy is developed based on the following sustainable development goals (SDG):