Audit and Corporate Practices Committee

The Audit and Corporate Practices Committee consists of 3 members with their corresponding alternates. At GCC we have adhered to safeguarding the interests of each of our stockholders, by providing information and results that boost their confidence, showing them that their investment is being properly managed through the analysis of effective risk management processes made by the Audit and Corporate Practices Committee. Likewise, the Committee is in charge of implementing the best practices of corporate governance.

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is made up of 7 members from different areas from both divisions and is governed by internal regulations for decision making. The Committee is responsible for ensuring proper disclosure and enforcement of the Code of Ethics by promoting values and behaviors encouraged by the organization, channeling cases, being a consultation party and defining corrective measures. The Committee has quarterly meetings where they analyze concerns, suggestions, complaints and inquiries submitted by the employees through email, an anonymous hot line, and through the departments of human resources, legal and corporate audit. During 2018, 20 cases related to conflicts of interest, health and safety, use of assets, and ethical dilemmas were reported; from which 14 were settled and 6 are still under review.

We encourage our stakeholders to submit their inquiries and suggestions related to ethics and governance through the following anonymous communication channels:

Phone: 01 800 062 4008

Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee consists of 12 members and was entrusted by the Board of Directors to identify and manage the impacts, risks and opportunities that may arise in the social and environmental fields. Taking into consideration the federal and state regulations in Mexico and the United States, the Committee developed a sustainability strategic plan that is updated every year and reviewed in quarterly meetings to be up-to-date with the implementation process of social and environmental practices.

Member Audit and Corporate Practices Committee Sustainability Committee
Fernando Ruiz Sahagún
Rómulo Jaurrieta Caballero
Héctor Medina Aguiar
Enrique Escalante Ochoa
Ronald S. Henley
Jesús Rogelio González Lechuga
Marco Ramírez Rivera
Daniel E. Helguera Moreno
Saúl Alonso Alvidrez
Gina Lotito
Doug Roark
Verne Stuessy
Raúl A. Ambriz Sotelo
Benjamín Morales
Ismael Terrazas Veyna